Lauren Armishaw – Piano and Singing Teacher

In the area of The Hague, Ypenburg, Nootdorp and Delft



Mobile: 06  42065436

Address: Waterviolier 26, 2498ES, Den Haag

About Me

My name is Lauren Armishaw and I am passionate about music and the teaching of music.  I have experience teaching piano and singing for over 20 years.  As well as this I am a professional singer giving concerts throughout The Netherlands and Europe.  Both my work as a teacher and as a soloist are equally important to me.  I love to share the joy of music with my students.  It is very rewarding to see how music helps them to grow and develop in all aspects of their lives.

I grew up in New Zealand where I learnt the violin, recorder, piano and church organ.  I also sang in my school choirs then later in the NZ Youth Choir and the World Youth Choir.  I came to The Netherlands initially to study singing at the Royal Conservatorium in The Hague in 2001.  Since that time I have been giving private lessons in piano and singing to adults and to children, mainly from the British and International Schools in The Hague.


Grade 1-8 Piano and Theory ABRSM Royal School of Music Exams

ATCL (Piano Performance) Trinity College Examination Board, London

BMus - Bachelor of Music in Composition (Victoria University, Wellington, NZ)

BSc – Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (Victoria University, Wellington, NZ)

Master’s of Music (Singing - Royal Conservatory of The Hague)

Experience in Teaching

2014 – 2015    University Roosevelt, Middelburg

                        Singing Teacher

1993 – 2018    Private Piano & Singing teacher in NZ and The Hague

                        100% pass rate for students entered into theory and practical exams

1997 – 2001    Gallery Music Centre, Lower Hutt, (Saturday Morning music classes)

                        Keyboard teacher and conductor of Children’s choir

2000 – 2001    Chilton St James School, Lower Hutt, NZ

                        Itinerant Singing Teacher

Prices 2020

Individual Piano Lessons



Cost per lesson

Beginners age 5-8



Beginners age 8 and over

40 mins


Grades 2-5

45 mins


Grades 5-8 

55 mins



  price above

     + 21% BTW

NEW 2@Piano : lessons for two : parent & child, brother & sister - 35-40 minutes €30

In these lessons I teach both child and parent in the same lesson. You sit together at the piano, and help and motivate each other. Practise at home can be done separately and together.  For your child it's great to have your encouragement and support as they learn a new instrument. The last 5-10mins of the lesson the child is free and I work on an extra piece with you. This concept can work for some siblings as well. 

Singing Lessons



Cost per lesson

School and University Students

45 mins



55 mins

€40.00 + 21% BTW

A second child in the same family receives a 10% discount.

When and where are lessons held?

For children

- Wednesday from 12:30pm, Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00pm (each child having 25-45mins individual lesson)

- At my home studio in De Bras (Ypenburg), The Hague.  
This is easily reachable from The Hague, Voorburg, Delft, Leidschenveen and Nootdorp  

- In exceptional circumstances and depending on where you live, it may be possible to give lessons at your home.

For adults

- mornings or evenings

- at a different time each week if necessary to fit around your schedule

- every week, every fortnight, or as otherwise arranged

- At my home studio in De Bras (Ypenburg), The Hague 

What you need to bring

When you come to your first lesson please bring any books you have used with a previous teacher. If you are a beginner I will provide you with the music books you need. 

Terms, Conditions and Advice


Fees for the term should be paid on or before the 2nd lesson of each term.

Changing lesson times/cancellation

24 hours notice should be given when cancelling or changing a lesson. Every effort will be made to find an alternative time during that week or later in the term.

1 months notice should be given regarding the intention to stop lessons.


-Students are expected to practice every day. At the beginning it’s just 5 minutes a day, but it is important to get into the habit of practicing.

-Encourage and assist your children whenever they need help.

Your Piano

Before beginning lessons you need to have a piano at home. 

- an upright or grand piano must be maintained to a good standard which includes having it tuned once a year.

- a digital piano needs to have fullsize weighted keys (like a real piano so it can play loud and soft depending on how hard the keys are pressed) Recommended brands: Roland & Yamaha.

- food and drink should never come near the piano. An accidental spillage could end in very expensive repairs. When it’s not being played the lid should be closed to protect the piano.

-I can offer advice if you are considering buying a new instrument.

Your Voice

Your voice is like any other instrument – it needs to be treated with care and respect.  But because your voice is part of your body it is also very vunerable.  Noone would put their violin outside on a cold rainy day, but we do that to our voice!  Here are some things to help you keep your voice healthy: avoid shouting, wear a scarf on cold or windy days, drink lots of water, sing in a choir, sing in the shower (yes! The steam is good for the voice!).  If you have a sore throat, or are not feeling well, rest the voice.  Drink lots of lemon/honey drinks and try not to speak too much!



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